PiLog soon to release globally accredited Master Data Quality Solution courses

PiLog Inc is currently in discussion with leading global universities to accredit courses focusing on the fast growing areas of quality master data solutions.


The SA Government identified the need for extensive training on the ISO 8000 Solution and Data Quality in general. A need has been identified to accredit PiLog’s existing training material by leading educational institutes.

Said Dr Salomon de Jager, President of PiLog Group: “We approached the University of Western Cape (UWC) who has an agreement with Hochschule Neu-Ulm (HNU) in Germany. We are currently putting a curriculum together on what we have on Pilog ISO 8000. We need to extend it to the dimensions of a Data Quality Assessment model, with reference to Process Reference Model, Measurement Framework, Measurement Requirements, Process Improvement, and Organizational Maturity Model”.

PiLog currently explores the extension of the on-line training course to be integrated in post graduate courses in cooperation with UWC, HNU and MIT.

The company (Gulf Solutions) has been in existence and conducting business for the past 15 years. From 1999 – Apr 2003 as Solit Middle East, a subsidiary of a South African Group and since May 2003 as Gulf Solutions Group FZ LLC in Dubai, Gulf Solutions Pakistan Limited since 2008 (our regional development office) and Innovative Gulf Solutions in Bahrain since January 2013. The company has completed around 80 Gulf HR implementations and six additional customised system implementations. These implementations have been rolled out in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Libya and Algeria and Pakistan. The company has twenty employees developing, supporting and implementing the Gulf HR application.