PM Data Acquisition

Data capturing, compliance and standards adoption and creation of
Financial and Maintenance application agnostic

Today's plant engineers are sometimes required to develop data acquisition systems that monitor, measure, or maintain processes or tests within their plants. Data acquisition systems provide the necessary information to determine optimized production conditions, preventive/predictive maintenance, and emergency repair or replacement of equipment.


PiLog data acquisition architecture is best suited for the array of measurements required to successfully monitor the health of industrial equipment. Following proper definition of your data acquisition architecture, including acquisition requirements, analysis needs, and presentation considerations.

PM Data Acquisition for industry 4.0 is a method of preventing asset failure by analyzing production data to identify patterns and predict issues before they happen.

To implement a PM Data Acquisition system effectively, manufacturers need to map the parameters of failure for machines and create a blueprint for their connected system – the manufacturing assets and sensors, business systems, communication protocols, gateways, cloud, predictive analytics, and visualization.