How the pandemic has influenced the way of the business

“Pieter Strydom - Co-CEO of PiLog Group had a very brief interview with VISIOTHON. The discussion is based on the commitment to ensuring safe reliable quality services for our clients, and how the pandemic has influenced the way we do business.”

In these tough times, technologies can aid business to find alternate avenues to reach out to their customers. We have specific business continuity plans in place and are taking steps to ensure that we maintain operational readiness, even as we continue to be guided by advisories from local governments in the countries we operate in.

Coronavirus has a mixed impact on tech companies. With work-in-isolation policy being a mandate for employees, we also add to make drastic decisions in terms of the continual well being of our employees and obviously of our business. That's why we carry out our slogan ''TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER".

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