Enduring Asset Lifecycle Management

With most of the organizations looking at IT Asset and Platform, Data Consolidation and Analytics - Robust Digital Roadmap

“Asset utilization, performance, productivity drives organization efficiencies. Organizations have ZERO Appetite for asset replacement or asset tracking software and more automation. It’s critical to manage and monitor old warhorses to perform and excel.”

“ Prominent leaders always self-reflect the challenges… WHY and WHAT!!! ”

  • Asset performance visibility…
  • Confidence on maintenance operations…
  • Achieve industry benchmarks - KPIs and KRAs…
  • Lowering Total Cost of Ownership...
  • Create involving model design, capture information and Tag it as appropriate
  • Manage or Organize data elements
  • Distribute to applications and processes
  • Retrieve structured content and effectively reuse
  • Archive all information in organized repositories
Asset life cycle management
With COVID-19, business is gearing on innovative ways of executing operations, maintenance, warehousing, transportation, and supply chain components complying with norms, guidelines dynamically set by regulatory authorities from time to time. New trends will force more automation, ML and AI based O and M, etc. And to make the right investment, it's very imperative to have correct and up to date information about Asset Master, Meta Data, Predictive Analytics
  • AS–IS Maintenance Maturity Model Assessment
  • Asset Criticality Assessment
  • EAM Data Objects Assessment and Management
  • SOPs and Strategy – Asset Management
  • Optimization of Maintenance Planning
  • Allied Process Optimization: Sourcing and Procurement, Inventory, Partner Collaboration and Production
  • Continual Monitoring, Reporting, and Control
  • MMM = f (cost of maintenance, MRO inventory, asset availability and performance, Skill availability, Governance, and Compliance…)
  • PiLog Maintenance Strategy Framework (MSF) to enable Equipment Criticality, Failure Data and Risk Assessment, Maintenance Strategy, etc. to enable roadmap for Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Formulation and Refinement of Maintenance Strategy, Plans, Frequency
  • Formulation and Refinement of Maintenance Tasks – Planned, Predictive Maintenance, Condition Based Monitoring
  • Continual revival and review of Maintenance Strategies with predictive analysis on maintenance history, design, and supply chain collaboration
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), driving asset performance
  • Continual Monitoring, Reporting, and Control
  • Asset Master and Meta Data Models
    • Equipment tag extraction and create
    • Document Linked, indexed and enriched documentation improving operational visibility and control
    • Field data verification and plant walk down aiding the enrichment of critical master data
    • SPIR’s, an operational lifeline for equipment health management
    • Functional location hierarchy build based on complexity and criticality
    • Measuring Points and Counters
    • The Scientific approach for maintenance task execution with Task List
  • Shared services – Master Data Knowledge Process Outsourcing
  • Continual Monitoring, Reporting, and Control
Key Challenges Key Opportunities Business Outcomes
Asset Management
  • Availability of movable and immovable assets and ability to run at highest efficiencies
  • Overall reduction in TCO
  • Having right master and meta data for effective management of assets
  • Automation and Innovation to Improve OEE, MTTR, MTBF , RCA, RBI etc.
  • Cost of Maintenance Reduced ~15% YoY
  • Improved OEE > 98, Availability > 95%, 10% MTTR etc.

Cost of Maintenance Reduced ~15% YoY

Improved OEE > 98, Availability >95%, 10% MTTR

Zero Breakdown, 100% Compliance to plans, SOP’s etc.

Asset life cycle management

As most of the businesses are controlled by Master and Meta Management and thought leaders effective decision with Augmented Predictive Analytics, PiLog Systematic and Innovative Approach help organizations with Kaizen to Transformation !!!

Client Value Management and Success Stories

A Petrochemical Major in KSA has invited PiLog and multiple other consulting leaders to identify the challenges and define problem statements in their Asset Life Cycle Management to optimize their asset performance and endurance in long run…

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