Management Consulting

Process Studies, Best Practices Augmentation, Strategy Management,
Change Management, Value Articulation and Continual Monitoring and Control

Our consulting services are focused to help a broad range of customers from small/medium to large enterprises in addressing their complex problems and make meaningful transformations.

With one of our strategic services we leverage industry expertise and technical knowledge to improve business processes as well as financial and operational health of your organisation

We enable organizations to not just stay competitive but also become a leader in market through discontinuous inorganic yet sustainable initiatives for growth.

In basic terms the role of PiLog's consultant is to provide our client with an audit of current procedures, their recommendation for improvement and an action plan for implementation with preferable solutions.


How does PiLog management consulting project works?

  • Problem definition – What problem are we trying to solve?
  • Approach – How are we going to investigate this problem?
  • Data gathering – Find out everything we can about the issue
  • Data Analysis – What does our data show?
  • Advice – What is the best solution according to our data and expertise?
  • Implementation – Enact positive change based on the recommendations.