Data Harmonization

Structured and Unstructured data cleansed, standardized and enriched to
control and enhance business processes

Data harmonization Service intends to merge distinct levels, genres and sources of data to ensure that data is comparable and compatible. Data Harmonization improves the quality and utility of master data through Data Cleansing and cataloguing disparate sources of data and provides an integrated picture of data.

The data catalog merges all the specifics of organization's data assets using a technical dictionary with regimented classification templates and data requirements. And this enables the method of standardization for abbreviation and description generation.


PiLog's tactical service Data Harmonization techniques resolves discrepancies in the data sets through automated and semi-automated processes and transforms unstructured data into structured and consistent Data sets with quality.

Our Data Harmonization Services enriches your data to its full potential by discovering and leveraging data in the way you always desired.