Spare Parts
Record (iSPIR)

Over 6000+ Unique templates for Material, Equipment and Service Master Records.
ISO 8000 compliant data models and structures

SPIR Template

SPIR Template

  • Parent Equipment Tag/Model/Serial Number
  • Installed number of Spares
  • Spare Part Description
  • SPIR Number
  • Equipment Supplier & Manufacturer details
  • Price

The Challenge

  • Creation of Spares Management Guidelines, Procedures, and Governance.
  • Identification of:
    • Equipment or Asset that requires Spares
    • Equipment Type Spares requirements.
    • Spares documentation requirements.
  • Electronic upload of Spares Master Data from different sources and in different formats.
  • Controlling and online visibility of Spares Spend concerning Capital expenditure.


Client Resource Cost reductions

  • Supplier/Contractor registers spares online
  • Electronic workflow cuts time to process
  • Interface to ERP cuts registration time
  • Spares linked to Plant Equipment cuts the searching time of Plant Maintenance personnel

Warehousing Cost reductions

  • Duplicate Resolution optimizes warehouse layout and size
  • Warehouse personnel spend less time searching for spares, hence become more productive
  • Identification of common spares between plants can cut possible delivery time on critical spares

Procurement Cost reductions

  • Electronic verification of spares against existing Catalogue allows a reduction in procurement quantities
  • Allows for inventory optimization that cuts replenishment costs.
  • Cross-referencing of spares allows for optimization of preferred Vendors, improving bargaining power
  • If Plant Maintenance finds spares due to improved descriptions and links, reduction in ad-hoc purchasing can be expected.
  • Improved spend analysis allows for Procurement to concentrate on problem processes and Vendors

Plant Maintenance Cost reductions

  • Less downtime due to spares unavailability


Organization and Project Setup with all the Related Participants

Vendor Registration

Purchase Order Registration

SPIR Registration with the associated SPDP Requirements and Attachments

SPIR and Document Control

SPIR Approval Workflow

Detect and Resolve Project and Existing Product duplicate items

Cataloguing, Classification and Standardization

Equipment Registration

Equipment BoM creation

MM and PM (Equipment, BoM) data integration with ERP

KPI and Data Quality Reports

PiLog Master Data Acquisition - The Process (Project Phase)

Project Phase

PiLog Master Data Acquisition - The Process (Existing Plant)

Existing Plant

PiLog Master Data Acquisition - The Process (Proposed)


PiLog Master Data Acquisition - The Setup

The Setup

PiLog Master Data Acquisition - The Structure

The Structure

PiLog iSPIR Management - Data Process Flow

Data Process Flow

PiLog iSPIR Management – Workflow


PiLog iSPIR Proposed Process flow

Proposed Process flow

PiLog iSPIR Integration with SAP

The main SPIR data objects will be integrated with SAP S/4 HANA as below:

Material Master

  • Option 1: Integration with S/4 HANA (Proposed)
    PiLog will utilize the certified integration to S4/HANA MM
  • Option 2: Integration with MDG-M

EAM Objects (Equipment Master and Equipment BoM)

  • Integration with the PM module directly

PiLog-SAP Integration Landscape

Integration Landscape

iSPIR Catalogue records transfer to SAP

records transfer to SAP

iSPIR Catalogue records transfer to SAP

records transfer to SAP