Data Quality Hub

Data Quality Hub

iData Acquisition

  • Pre-built data connectors
  • Real-time data acquisition and Ingestion
  • Data discovery, modelling, mining, profiling, assessment, analysis and visualization
  • Core ETL features + Data streaming

iData Harmonization

  • Data loading and profiling
  • Data cleansing, standardization, normalization, enrichment, auto-corrections / updates from repositories and libraries, AI + ML
  • Data transformation and Data quality assessment
  • Data Integration

iData Governance

  • Batch or record-based data management functions such as Create, Change, Extend, Delete, Undelete, Merge, Split, Match, Validate, Archive, Unarchive, Link, Delink as per the Business Rules of the data objects compliant with Target systems
  • Data Integration, Synchronization, Distribution, Syndication, Orchestration, Micro-Services (APIs)
  • Data Quality establishment: SLAs, KPIs, InfoGraphics

iData Analytics

  • Business performance insights
  • CxO Dashboards (Spend, Performance, ROI, KPIs, SLAs)
  • On-demand real-time Infographics and Cockpit Views