PiLog Group CEO optimistic about India

April 2016, PiLog India – “India has been increasingly looked at as an engine that will drive global growth in future. This is reason enough to look at the economic prospects of India over the current decade”, said award-winning South African economist Ulrich Joubert and Dr Salomon de Jager, Group CEO of PiLog


“Infrastructure will be both a cause and a consequence of economic growth during the current decade. The rising incomes and urbanisation will boost demand for infrastructure investment in sectors such as electricity, roads; telecom et al. Massive infrastructure investment by the Government along with increased investment activity by the private sector will accelerate overall investment during the current decade.”

“Government of India’s (GoI’s) thrust on infrastructure development in recent years and the structural policy changes is expected to provide the third ‘big push’ to the Indian economy, enabling it to achieve inclusive growth during the current decade” Joubert concluded.

Dr. Salomon de Jager, PiLog Group Chairman, added “PiLog was awarded a $10m asset verification project in Saudi Arabia in 2001 which required specialized engineering skills. Successful completion of this project was not possible without the addition of Indian qualified engineers complimenting the available skills from South Africa. This laid the foundation for the establishment of a Software Development and Data Content Service Center in Hyderabad India, which work hand in hand with the South African PiLog establishments to extend the PiLog solutions complimenting the world’s leading ERP’s such as SAP and Oracle. The Indian workforce’s energetic drive for quality and innovative solutions, work ethics and resourceful young professional talent, is commendable. The competitive environment for education and learning, is integral to the country and something South Africa should adopt. There is no real growth without skill full and honest work.”

“PiLog’s growth in India is truly because of the well qualified, competitive, fresh blood of human resources that can deliver world class service to all the customers,” said Dr. Imad Syed, Director of PiLog India. “PiLog India has been an epicenter of PiLog’s business since its inception, contributing to the growth and success of PiLog globally. The infrastructure such as R & D labs, Software manufacturing facilities, Solutions designing platform with which it is equipped, contributed to the PiLog Group’s evolution as a leading service-centric force in the recent years. PiLog India was started with just 5 resources in 2007 and grew up to 130+ resources working in the facilities where 35% are women. It gives PiLog group a huge boost in growth as well as sustainability in the market. The successful model of cost centers serving all the profit centers with break-even cost, shows that even though the global economy is suffering, PiLog as a group can deliver a superior service at cost effective rates, because of the way the business model is designed.”