Founded in 1996, PiLog Group of companies celebrates its 21 years of continuous growth with a growing customer base throughout the world and a global presence across a huge variety of industry sectors. Another reason for the company to celebrate is its recognition as one of the most valuable SAP solution providers in the market today.

PiLog first started developing and implementing business solutions, while providing different SAP programs, such as Application Integration, Application Development and Data Migration for SAP customers. Now, the company has become the only Co-Innovation partner of SAP for SAP- Master Data Governance Solution.

The company is now working collaboratively with SAP on S/4 Data Cloud Platform in which PiLog would provide the dictionaries, taxonomies, pre-verified and pre-catalogued material master specific golden records from its preferred repositories that have millions of authentic material master records.


Medium to large companies benefit from the Master Data Management Governance Solutions and Services provided by the company. The Master Data Governance solutions of PiLog are ISO 8000 certified, pre-configured, pre-tested and with proven best practices in the industry, ready to deploy with S/4 HANA or SAP ERP6 systems. They are also designed to allow businesses to obtain, clean, establish, structure, migrate, distribute or replicate and maintain the master data through its lifecycle with the integration into SAP solutions.

The Master Data Quality Manager V10 solution of PiLog integrates with SAP NetWeaver and conveniently exchanges data with the SAP ERP applications for different master data domains, which include material, vendor, service and customer master data. SAP Net Weaver empowers solutions that can be more easily and quickly integrate into SAP solution environments.

"I have managed and strategized research, as well as developed and advanced strategic products and solutions in the industry of data transformation, management and master data governance," Dr. Imad Syed, the PiLog Group of Companies` Chief Information Officer stated. "As SAP services and solutions provider, we must always be on our toes. This is especially true as SAP has already taken the market by storm with the launch of S/4 HANA platform." The company and its management felt the great need to quickly adapt to the growing demands from the IT sectors throughout the world and move forward.

PiLog commits itself to provide the best MDM practices through the master data governance and quality solutions to all customers. The governance solutions of the company are SAP certified and have tight collaboration with SAP ECC and S4/HANA 1610.

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