PiLog Inc. Awarded Major Contract with Us Energy Group

PiLog, Inc., a global leader in Master Data Governance Solutions, was awarded a contract with a leading energy company in Houston, Texas to manage their inventory process redesign and data cleanup. PiLog, Inc. is the Americas subsidiary of PiLog International, a South Africa-based company.

Said PiLog Group Chief Executive, Dr. Salomon de Jager, "We are confident PiLog tools and services can meet any world leading companies' cataloging project requirements and provide superior solutions through structured text generation, quality data scrubbing, cataloging and material management experience gained on similar projects locally and abroad".


PiLog offers a "cradle to grave" approach to services. Prior to initiation of any project, PiLog starts with a Standard in mind. PiLog's Preferred Ontology (PPO) is the preferential starting point as it offers a collection of over 20 years of dictionary building and data requirement experience that will be modified to meet our clients' specific needs.

Most important to note is that PiLog comes to the table with a comprehensive ontology, including data templates, to minimize overall start-up time and effort for the life cycle of data cataloging projects. Once the ontology has been established, PiLog will assist in managing a very efficient cataloging effort in order to attain for instance, some of these primary goals for our clients