PiLog Technology Solutions LLC Awarded For Material Master Data Governance and Item Master Data Cleansing

PiLog Technology Solutions LLC was awarded a contract by Abu Dhabi Airports for the Provision of Material Master Data Governance and Item Master Data Cleansing.

Under the contract, PiLog Technology Solutions LLC will apply the ISO 8000 Data Cleansing methodology and enrichment process for all the item master records by utilizing all source documents, current ERP system, Manufacturer details and PiLog Repository. Applying the ISO 8000 data quality standards and processes which will meet Abu Dhabi Airports high data quality expectation by having structured and very detailed Long/Procurement descriptions to ease the procurement cycle, eliminate duplicates, Reduce Inventory cost and optimize the management of the warehouse.


PiLog Technology Solutions LLC will also configure and implement PiLog Master Data Record Manager for Materials along with the PiLog Preferred Ontology with a real time interface to the ADAC ERP system for managing the Ongoing Material requests and governance in order to ensure data quality is maintained into the future.

The PiLog MDRM system is a multi-domain, multi-lingual solution to create and maintain all the master data records of an organization in a single installation. One of the primary functions is that of Item Entry Control for Master Data elements such as Item or Material Master, Service Master, Customer Master, Product Master and Vendor Master Services.MDRM controls and filters all data entry, structure and normalization during the process of creating rich text descriptions for the items that it is identifying.

MDRM also contains a powerful search engine that utilizes algorithms, such as fuzzy logic, stemming, synonyms and searches on nested data elements to find master data items. Searches are embedded in the governance processes to ensure new duplicate item requests are not introduced into the system.