TBASA - Tenpin Bowling Association of South Africa

TBASA is South Africa's governing body for Tenpin Bowling. The body enforces and establishes rules and regulations for all Tenpin Bowling activities in South Africa and ensures they are consistent with international standards.

Like any professional sporting organization, it is responsible for setting the criteria for National Tournaments and selecting South African teams to participate in international events.

It aims to encourage the development and promotion of the sport. It focuses on youth participation and retention and developing a media strategy.

PiLog was the official sponsor for Werner Groenewald, the Captain of the South Africa Tenpin Bowling Protea Team. Werner and his team took part in the Africa Zone Championships 2022 hosted in Egypt. This event was sponsored by Dr Ashraf Sobhy, the Minister of Youth and Sports in Egypt. The event was hosted by the Egyptian Bowling Federation and the Bowling Federation of Africa (BFA).


  • There were various games in which Werner won a silver medal.
  • And one of his team members a bronze medal in the individual men's competition.
  • Werner has also won a gold medal in the doubles men's game.
  • The team has broken an African record held for the last 30 years and a South African history at the Africa Zone Championships.
  • The team was the overall winner in the Africa Zone Championships 2022 and will be competing at the World Championships in November this year.

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