We are honored to share Dr Imad Syed, CEO for ME & APAC at PiLog Group, has been recognized with “The ten most dynamic business leaders to follow in 2022” by Primeview Magazine.

During the past two and five decades, PiLog grew organically and inorganically, mainly through modular solutions and solutions based on the management of master data. It has grown exponentially regardless of the challenges to creating an efficient Business Technology HUB that can support meta, master, and transactional data modelling as well as quality standards that meet ISO 8000, ISO 22745, ISO 29001, ISO 14224, ISO 55000, and ISO 55000, among others.

Dr Imad Syed believes that today's solutions are more flexible, modular, interoperable, scalable, and provide a variety of methods, solutions, processes and frameworks that improve the business processes involved in End-to-End Supply Chain Business Partner Collaboration Asset Life Cycle Management, Data Quality Management, Data Migration.

He further discussed how PiLog plans to become a customer-centric organization with the best user experience under his leadership. He is also eyeing the evolution of the uni-platform (PiLog Business Technology Platform) that is modular, scalable, flexible, and adaptable to master metadata, analytics, and processing.

For keeping employee happy Dr. Imad Syed believes in continual knowledge improvement, up-skilling & cross-skilling to conquer success

To advise younger Entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs, Dr Imad Syed says PiLog is aiming for annual revenue of $50 million by the end of 2023. This includes an increase of 10% in stakeholder value, a 20% improvement in the value of employees and partnership, and finally, a 20% growth in the value of customers.

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Imad Syed: Helping Organizations to Achieve Better Results

Dr. Imad A Syed, Board Member, Group CIO, and CEO of Middle East & APAC is currently at the helm of PiLog Group. He joined the organization in 2002 as a Systems Engineer and soon rose up to the ranks of Group CIO, CEO, and Board member. Dr. Imad Syed possesses a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. With the zeal to grow the organization, he has dedicated more than 100% by making many sacrifices in his professional and personal life. Dr. Imad Syed comes from a healthy knowledgeable and educational family who had supported him all these years. Due to his outstanding contributions in the area of Data & Analytics, the National American University, USA has honored him with Doctorate in Data Analytics.

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