PiLog Group Exclusive Webinar Series

Welcome to PiLog Group Exclusive Webinar Series

We are excited to have you join our community and look forward for your participating at our 2024 exclusive webinar series. PiLog Group have prepared essential information to help kickstart 2024 with a bang, starting with data quality around the hot AI topic. A Q&A session with an open discussion will follow.

What to expect:

The ‘Garbage in, garbage out’ mantra - how more relevant it becomes in today’s AI spectrum

The implications of Inconsistent data leading to confusion and misinterpretation, impairing the performance of AI systems

The importance of complete data sets to avoid AI algorithms missing out on essential patterns and correlations, leading to incomplete or biased results.

SAP S4/HANA AI infusion - data sanity becomes a must, starting from the foundations of Master Data Governance

How will AI improve the data quality through algorithms that scan datasets for errors, inconsistencies and anomalies.

Date: 17 January, 2024 | Time: 11 CET till 12 CET

Webinar Panel

Dr. Imad A Syed

CEO of PiLog Middle East and APAC

Senior Executive, Digital Advisory, Visionary Leader with vast experience in conceiving & designing business, enterprise information and data quality HUB strategies for medium to large enterprises; Expertise in designing simple yet powerful strategies for data governance, management, transformation and analytics of complex system landscapes, proven track record of excelling operational efficiency & effectiveness; revolutionized the product and solution development using innovative frameworks that are agile and sustainable from the perspective of futuristic technology evolution's.

Dr. Kevin Attard

Member of the Advisory Board

Dr. Kevin Attard is a passionate thought leader, acknowledged as a disruptor and change instigator with three decades of global professional experience, entrusted in top executive positions at the likes of SAP and Oracle. Kevin recently joined PiLog Group’s advisory board where he shall elevate the go to market strategy and the global strategic partnerships in pursuit of stellar customer experience. His main subject matter expertise include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, digital transformation initiatives and master data governance topics. Kevin holds a doctorate degree within the enterprise applications field from Newcastle University and Grenoble Ecole de Management.