PiLog is featured in Business connect company infocus 2021 edition

“PiLog believes in investing in emerging innovations and the leaders on board, bring a zeal to learn, perform and go that extra mile every time. And also believes in creating and managing high-level teams, which are the best of all in the world in the form of client and employee experience.”


PiLog Group is a global conglomerate, facilitating stellar data analytics and digital governance, for multiple data domains across industrial segments. Its expertise addresses 5 particular needs namely, End-to-End Supply Chain Optimization, Optimization of Asset Life Cycle Management, Business partnership Evolution, Seamless Data Migration and Digital Transformation. PiLog has a strong lineage of over 2 decades, in integrating state-of-the-art measures to form solutions. It leverages innovations like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Human-Augmented Algorithms to assist clients seeking digital transformation in their business. Its Roots are spread in several eminent nations, the USA, UAE and more. PiLog India Pvt. Ltd. is its Indian counterpart and headquartered in Telangana Hyderabad.

PiLog has been successful in implementing Master Data Governance solutions in the market, which are pre-tested, pre-configured, well-proven with industry-best practices offerings on premise, cloud & hybrid models. It has the best dictionary in the form of PPO PiLog’s Preferred Ontology, which covers the MRO & Services templates industry agnostic over a couple of decades. PiLog’s methodology, processes, tools, algorithms, programs, approach, repositories etc. are governed as per ISO 8000, 22745, 29002, 11179, IEC 60050 (IEV) compliant. PiLog is ISO 8000 certified master data service provider (QMDP Certified) duly supported by ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001 certified company

PiLog prides upon its exclusive technical dictionaries, industrial libraries, and content directories, culminating with - 2 decades of R&D and execution. All of this is available in its robust platform ‘Data Quality HUB’.. Its solutions are accredited by global certifications like ISO:8000, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO:27001. The compliance and International standards ensure consistent systematic integration of contents with various platforms and Operational systems and ERPs such as SAP, S4 HANA, Oracle ERP Cloud, Maximo & MS Dynamics etc.

PiLog’s susceptibility also helps it alleviate challenges and uncertainties. For instance, during the COVID-19 calamity, its value-system for employees and a unique value proposition for clients kept it strong. The harmony between resources ensured sustenance, reliability and transparent operations. Imad A. Syed, CEO Middle East & APAC, PiLog states,“We invests in emerging innovations and the leaders on board, bring a Zeal to learn, perform and go that extra mile every time!”

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