We take great pleasure to share that our CEO for ME & APAC at PiLog Group, have been honored with Indian Achievers' Award for Science & Technology, 2020-21

“Science and technology are a propellant for building a thriving country, and the happiness of the people and the future of the country hinge on their development.”, bringing this into action Dr. Imad Syed, CEO of ME & APAC at PiLog Group, has bagged Indian Achievers' Award for Science & Technology, 2020-21 annually conducted by the Indian achievers’ forum.
"Dr. Imad Syed believes how improvements in science and technology affect the development of new occupations and following changes in educational applications can help decision-makers in all levels of our society. And how science and technologies contribute to society is the invention of new understanding, and then use of the knowledge to raise the wealth of human lifestyles, and also to fix the many different problems facing society. "

He also believes in adopting new technologies gives his business executives that competitive benefit. That is true not just on a professional and personal level, but also because of their business as a whole. An executive that will effectively learn and utilize the most recent progress in tech provides herself or him an advantage over other business executives.

The Indian achievers’ award recognizes people who have excelled in their field and have contributed to nation building. The awards are initiated by the Indian achiever’s forum, which is primarily a collaboration of business, professional, political, and other members of the Indian community to identify and address the key issues on the Indian Economic Agenda with the primary objective of promoting industries.

We feel fortunate and honored to be working under the leadership of such a strong professional. We thank the Indian achievers’ forum for recognizing our role and contribution for the society, towards nation building. This recognition is a reinforcement that we are on the right track and inspired to succeed more in our profession.