We take great pleasure to share that our CEO for ME & APAC at PiLog Group, have been honored with Indian Achievers' Award for CEO of the Year, 2020-21

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”, bringing this into action Dr. Imad Syed, CEO of ME & APAC at PiLog Group, has bagged “CEO of the year 20-2021” award from the Indian achievers’ awards annually conducted by the Indian achievers’ forum.
“ Dr. Imad Syed believes and demonstrates his dedication in cultivating, creating and managing high-level teams, which are the best of all in the world in the form of client and employee experience. ”

He is an expert in developing and carrying out business plans for GTM or product or operational management or deep and diversified value engineering solutions, have been core strengths over the years.

The Indian achievers’ award recognizes people who have excelled in their field and have contributed to nation building. The awards are initiated by the Indian achiever’s forum, which is primarily a collaboration of business, professional, political, and other members of the Indian community to identify and address the key issues on the Indian Economic Agenda with the primary objective of promoting industries.

We feel fortunate and honored to be working under the leadership of such a strong professional.

We thank the Indian achievers’ forum for recognizing our role and contribution for the society, towards nation building. This recognition is a reinforcement that we are on the right track and inspired to succeed more in our profession.

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