EIM Architecture

Establish the landscape and architecture for the Enterprise Information
management augmenting the cloud and on-premise models

Boost business growth for your enterprise with intelligent information management architecture

Information in all its formats is at the core of most processes at an enterprise. And, in today's fragmented information architecture, it is vital to be able to find relevant information when needed and manage information efficiently.

PiLog's enterprise information management architecture scales with your business. You always have the latest features and security updates available when they are released. Your IT can focus on value-added services rather than manual updates.

Drive consistent efficiencies and expand more opportunities for monetizing data assets with the modernization of legacy data architecture.


Some additional EIM benefits include:

1) Data Quality

Consolidated data sources which eliminate program specific views of data and data redundancy, as well as confusion about its location Consistent business rules for linking and aggregating data Published data refresh schedules based on an enterprise understanding of user needs.

2) Information Management

Increased effectiveness of data used for business planning and execution through:

  • An integrated, cross program view of the enterprise subject areas or data domains.
  • A full life cycle view of enterprise data that supplies business strategies with a deeper understanding of these subject areas and their interactions.
3) Process Efficiency

Consolidated data architecture optimized for enterprise information delivery, reducing the amount of time consumers spend trying to obtain data and eliminating the use of systems never designed for information delivery.

4) Security

Standardized guidelines for handling and release of information that complies with regulatory and privacy requirements.

5) Organizational Agility

Flexibility and agility to meet dynamic market demands through an enterprise data model that forms the foundation of all data initiatives plus accommodates growth with future requirements.

Improvements in data quality, information management, process efficiency, security, and organizational agility are the core values of PiLog that focuses on providing clear business impact positively and technically feasible.