Switch to CMMS 4.0!

Our Coswin 8i CMMS/EAM software enriched with 4 new modules - Coswin IoT, Coswin BIM,
Coswin GIS & Coswin BI - to help companies meet the challenges of Industry 4.0 and Smart Building.

There is not one predictive maintenance solution but many. This is why we provide you with a Coswin Smart Generation solution adapted to your context and your organisation.

Coswin Smart Generation helps companies to implement predictive maintenance.

  • Collection, processing and analysis of data from your IoT sensors,
  • transmission to Coswin 8i via customisable alerts,
  • triggering of associated maintenance requests.

Combining CMMS and IoT technology

  • Import & 3D visualisation of your IFC model in Coswin 8i,
  • navigation in the model,
  • association of Coswin 8i functions with the equipment identified in the model (Job Request, Work Order...).

Using your BIM model in CMMS

  • Monitoring the performance of the maintenance activity,
  • exploitation, analysis and restitution of data in real time,
  • decision support.

Using your BIM model in CMMS

  • Display of your ArcGIS maps in Coswin 8i,
  • geolocation of your assets,
  • triggering of geolocated maintenance interventions. (with notification to Coswin Nom@d users)

Geolocation of your assets and interventions