PiLog iTransform

ETL Capabilities

Extract transform Load (ETL) is the process of extracting the data from various sources, transforming this data to meet your requirement and then loading into a targeted data warehouse.

Use Cases for ETL

Migration projects are relevant for all types of companies, including those with generic applications, upgrading, any company who needs to migrate data from one application to another.

Data Migration to any database systems

Successful ETL Implementation

  • Connect
  • Extract
  • Assess
  • Transform
  • Validate
  • Load
  • Reconcil
  • Consume
  • Automate


  • Cloud Based Platform
  • Easily Accessible for Business Users
  • Configure Once, Re-Use Several Times
  • Term and Users Based Licensing
  • Best for Setting up CXO Dashboards
  • Pre-built Connectors, Transformations

PiLog iTransform - ETL