Master Data Governance In Mining Industries

Unearth Data Excellency With Revolutionary Master Data Governance

Streamline data and win over Data Inaccuracies, Operational Inefficiency, Compliance Challenges, Data Fragmentation And Many More.

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Master Data Governance In Mining Industries.

In the mining industry, where data quality Issues, regulatory compliance, operational inefficiencies, resource allocation, cost control, and data complexity are paramount, PiLog’s Master Data Governance in mining industries is your key to success.

With our expertise in Master Data Governance for Mining Industries in USA, we help you in dealing with your pain points directly and in efficient manner. Our solution always ensures data quality, streamlines compliance, and optimizes operations.

With more then 27+ of industry experience, achieve efficiency, accuracy, and profitability in your mining operations by joining us in this change and utilizing the power of your data.

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Master Data Governance In Mining Industries

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Master Data Governance in mining industries


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Master Data Governance for mining industries in USA

  • Achieve up to 15 % of cost reduction in procurement.
  • Upto 30% Improvement in planning & forecasting for better decision making.
  • 100% accurate technical data, ensuring quality
  • Data Quality Standards and Governance, improved to meet ISO 8000 & 22745 compliance.

Our Master Data Governance Models

Data Architecture

Structures overall data and data-related resources as an integral part of the enterprise architecture.

Data Modeling and Design

Analysis, design, building, testing, and maintenance

Data storage and operations

Structured physical data assets storage deployment and management.

Data security

Ensuring privacy, confidentiality, and appropriate access.

Data integration and interoperability

Acquisition, extraction, transformation, movement, delivery, replication, federation, virtualization, and operational support.

Documents and content

Processing, securing, encoding and allowing access to data contained in unstructured sources and making these data accessible for integration and interoperability with structured data.

Reference and master data

Managing shared data to reduce redundancy and ensure better data quality through standardized definition and use of data values.

Data warehousing and business intelligence (BI)

Handling analytical data collection and allowing access to decision support data for reporting and analysis;Managing analytical data processing and enabling access to decision support data for reporting and analysis.

Data quality

Defining, monitoring, maintaining data integrity, and improving data quality.