National American University Awards Honorary Doctorate in Data Analytics to one of the most recognized personalities in the field of Data & Analytics Imad A Syed

New Delhi, India, Dec 18, 2021 - The prestigious 5th NIER's Worldwide Impact Awards-2021 and convocation of National American University were organized at The Isckon Auditorium, wherein distinguished personalities from various fields were honored for their contributions to society.

Dr. Imad A Syed is known for his contributions to science and technology in the data and analytics domain has been honored with Doctorate in Data Analytics from National American University. He has been a digital advisory, and well known for conceiving, architecting & designing Data & Analytics products & services that have transformed several organizations across the globe digitally. The way data & analytics is conceived & practiced has been reimagined & reinvented by him over the past two decades.

He responded to the media as follows "It has been a prolific journey in the field of data & analytics, the experience has been an increasingly fulfilling in contributing to the digital initiatives of products & services pertaining to data & analytics as PiLog's core offering for its esteem customers, thus bringing in significant value addition & realization in this digital era".

Dr. Imad A Syed has been with PiLog for the past 20 years helming several roles as Chief Information Officer & Board member of PiLog Group, in addition to leading PiLog Group in the role of Chief Executive Officer of Middle East & Asia Pacific regions, under him PiLog with capable & competitive teams have successfully implemented Master Data Governance & Analytics solutions in the market, that are pre-tested, pre-configured, well-proven with industry-best practices offerings on-premise, cloud & hybrid models. PiLog has the best dictionary in the form of PPO: PiLog's Preferred Ontology (Industrial Taxonomy), which covers the Material, Equipment & Service templates that are industry-agnostic developed over a couple of decades. PiLog's methodology, processes, tools, algorithms, programs, approach, repositories, engineering etc., are governed as per ISO 8000, 22745, 29002, 11179, IEC 60050 (IEV) compliant, PiLog also contributed significantly to the development of these standards and continue to invest into the Data Quality standards & it's associated platforms, PiLog has invested into the R&D pertaining to modern data science that can help transform & benefit businesses digitally, it has long standing association with University of Little Rock, Arkansas, USA for the research work and has been actively sponsoring students to pursue their dreams in this digital era. PiLog is ISO 8000 certified master data service provider duly supported by the certifications as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001 certified company.

PiLog prides upon its exclusive technical dictionaries / taxonomies, industrial libraries, digital transformation methodologies, processes, and content repositories, culminating with 25 years of R&D and execution. All the value propositions of PiLog are available on its robust platform 'Data Quality HUB' or 'PiLog Cloud' at www.pilogcloud.com or www.piloggroup.com. The compliance and international standards ensure consistent, systematic integration of contents with various platforms and Operational systems and ERPs such as SAP, S4 HANA, Oracle ERP Cloud, Maximo & MS Dynamics etc. to name a few.

"National Institute of Education and Research (NIER) believes in bringing forth the extreme efforts and excellence of entrepreneurs, professionals, and organizations from various sectors into the picture. While speaking to the media, the 5th NIER's Worldwide Impact Awards-2021 is a part of this initiative only," said Dr. Abhiram Kulshreshtha, Director-General.

Dr Sameer Anjaan (Popular Lyricist) was also honored with Doctorate on the same evening, few other deserving personalities were awarded honorary doctorates from National American University, thanks to a recognition & association with the National Institute for Education and Research.