Dr Imad A.Syed had been interviewed by CRN, India's #1 channel and enterprise tech news site (Part of the acclaimed Indian Express Group of publications).

Quote from the interview.

"Why do organizations need to become more data-smart in the digital economy?

Many organizations find it challenging to extract more value from their data. One reason for this is they are constantly trying to tackle the twin issues of: (a) ever-growing data, while (b) struggling to extract meaningful insights quickly, at scale, from their data troves......."

"Can you share some best practices for companies that can leverage the cloud to the fullest?

At a broader level, Cloud, when used smartly, can help organizations achieve better quality, speed and economics of innovation. When it comes to data management with cloud, it's important to ensure there's data standardization................"

In the interview Dr Imad A.Syed talk's about How are customers benefiting by using your data management solutions and about the significance of PiLog's strategic partnership with Oracle and many more things

To read the complete interview visit here.

About CRN:

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Their products help companies improve their branding and awareness, enjoy targeted advertising, generate channel partner leads, and take advantage of their content services. The Indian Express Group recently relaunched CRN in India. It is a part of the B2B publishing portfolios of the Indian Express Group, with the most renowned IT journal, Express Computer, under its umbrella.